Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay this is what I got in the mail today.  I was so excited to play with it.  While at CKC I found a company that was selling these ATG tape guns.  It holds way more than my Tombo and the refills were around the same price (with almost 3x as much in them).  This seemed such a good investment but $81.00 was more than I wanted to spend at the time.  I looked up the company latter when I got home and discovered that you can order colors as well.  So I was glad I hadn't purchased one while at CKC.  The price was still a bit high.  So I started lookin around on line and low and behold I found a company that sells them for $41.00.  Yeehaw I was sold!  No fun colors but I thought I could play.  So here is my new and improved tape gun.....

Isn't that fun?  hehehe  Flowers, butterfly and my name is rub ons from Stampin Up.

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