Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another cake

Friend of mine has finally had her long awaited baby.  So this is the cake I whipped up for her.  :)  This was a week ago but I'm just now gettin to post.  :)


  1. Ok, you totally need to teach me how to do that. I made one for my sister in law after seeing your first one that was so adorable and mine didn't turn out nearly as well as that. My diapers kept unfolding and so it ended up messy but hopefully they thought that was what I was going for. What is your secret to making them all stay together so nicely?

  2. ummm I use tiny rubber bands to hold the diapers rolled up. Then larger ones to hold them in the rounds. A dowel through the center holds everything together. :) Hope that helps.

  3. Beautiful cards--love those owls too!

    What a cool cake---so creative and just a fabulous gift!

  4. I'm so glad that you explained how to that cake! It is adorable!

    We Really have to get together. I need to pick your mind on all sorts of things!


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