Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He knows I love fresh flowers and have no luck growing my own.  Sometimes he just surprises me with flowers.  And Yes, those bright pink flowers are leeching into the water.  They are so pretty though!  :)   
Yesterday I just played with my blog layout; no cards :(  hehehe What do ya think?  Not very professional but it's cute right?!  :)  Think I'll keep it for a bit at least.  
How are you all doin on your Mother's Day cards?  Need a time and some inspiration?  I am going to be workin on more on Thursday.  Feel free to stop by 10:30-2:00.  Just give me a call.  226-6594  You are free to use my stamps and ink.  Using my card stock is a $1.00 a card.  Hope to see ya there.
I'll be back abit latter to share a card.  :)

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  1. Shila, you are the best! I'm hoping to come by but I've gotta go to the dr & since my dr is by me? Well, I probably won't make it! But I'll try.

    Oh & Hanae's b-day was the 30th. Late as usual.


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