Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My knee

So awhile back in say March of 2011 I slipped while mopping my laundry room floor and tore my ACL. I hobbled around and really tried to strengthen my knee. We moved to Georgia and I worked with a trainer to work on everything. :) I could tell when we started in January of 2012 that my knee was loose but as the year progressed it was feeling stronger. Come March this year I was participating in an activity with the girls and jumped down from a chair. There was a very audible crunch and my knee hurt. Went to the DR's and with all the pokes and prods said yep torn ACL and meniscus. Surgery very good idea. So last Friday I had it all replaced. Well not the meniscus but the ACL.

  Very puffy and swollen. There has been a lot more pain than I had thought there would be. Today I went in for PT (physical therapy). Went better than I had hoped but lots of homework. :). So after 6 months I hope to be walking strong again and be able to kneel. 

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