Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry for the silence.  My allergies have gone wild.  I don't think I have been hit this hard since we moved here.  Anyway....

I have been sewing
I made my three youngest girls this cute skirt using Molly's pattern over at Me and Madeline.  I really haven't sewed that much but she made these skirts easy.  In about an hour apiece I whipped up my second and third. 

After our team meeting last Saturday I came home and put together this cute bag.  I have seen them floating all over the net as the Big Shot rag bag but I liked the more finished look Angie Juda gave it.  You can find a tut over on youtube.  She has a cute ruffle and I added a bow.  I used batting instead of the felt that she calls for only because I didn't have any.  :)  I also added pockets on either end inside. 

Then I made these springtime skirt and purse for Aleah.  I got the idea for the skirt while browsing etsy and found this skirt.  So cute!   
Says my brain: I think I can put that together using the base instructions from the last skirt.  Didn't go together as easily as I hoped but with a little work it is wearable.  :) (I didn't buy the pattern) LOL  Made the purse using 8 squares in stead of 24 and used one long handle so she can wear it across her.  She loves them both!  Yeah!!  Now to make two more purses for the other girls.  :)

Thanks for stoppin by hope you are having a great weekend



  1. TOO CUTE!! so glad you shared!

  2. Cute skirts and purses! I have been wanting to sew anyway. These are just too cute!


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